Thursday, 18 September 2014

Scottish independence

The Scottish must be out of their minds to pull out of the UK! Westminster provides Scotland with a steady cash flow that provides them with pensions, free health care, schools, universities, travel and they want to throw it all away for an idea of independence. That is to say that the idea is not bad but rather how they have gone about it is. The Scottish have not planned ahead with their departure from the UK, how will print their own money, how will their money compare against the rest of the worlds, passport control on the borders of Scotland as it would become a completely new country, all the free stuff that the people have now would cease and they would have to take some of the UK national debt as they caused it as much as the rest of us. There is so many problems with the election it is truly unbelievable as it should be down to the whole UK whether we want Scotland gone not the Scottish as it will affect all us not just them. In my opinion the Scottish would be truly moronic to leave they have get everything they want from Westminster bar a flag but is it really worth it?  

No Cap Universities

This is blooming ridiculous, having a “no cap” university would destroy the essence of the degree we university students work for now! Everybody has the opportunity to go to university; there is no lack of university places, you work hard and you get accepted.
This “no cap” would destroy the hard work that students put into their a-levels or foundation degrees as it would turn universities into money grabbing institutions that have no focus on the student, rather the money they bring in. 
Degrees are seen as bettering ones’ education and moving forward with your studying to better yourself in life. There is no barrier between classes when applying or being accepted, it comes down to how hard you work.
 Through creating these “no caps” it will not make it more accessible but rather the opposite, by increasing numbers not only will you limit funds for working class backgrounds (which is needed to live at university) you will diminish the meaning of a degree.
Degrees are meant to represent the hard work you have achieved over three years or more and show your passion for that subject.
By creating no cap universities you are providing a route for the people who have no interest in university rather see it as a free pass to get drunk (as universities will accept anything as they will only see pounds signs) and are trying to prolong moving forward in our society.  
“No cap” universities will see the privatisation of top universities and create the very class system they are trying to destroy, as working class backgrounds will be unable to afford the top universities.
This “no cap” idea is a completely ridiculous idea and it just shows how far out of touch the politicians are with the students and the common man.